On a completely different note, we had "The Dingo" (sitting at the table) for the night on Wednesday and then we had her for the entire next day. At two, she is talking more and more each day. Her Uncle taught her to say "three fiddy" (from South Park) but that's another story. She has a great sense of humor, loves to wrestle and always wants to "read a book". She is my oldest daughter's daughter and I am feel more close to her out of all the grandkids. I know that it is due to being present at her birth. I have fed and diapered her. I have rocked and sung her to sleep. When I am with her, I feel more like a dad than a "Pepe"....which is what I am called (another story).

Then there is my "Meatstick" (in the chair). She is my oldest son's second daughter. (the first was adopted- another long, long story) She is hard to describe. So much fun. So much three years old. She should be here with us now. (this weekend) We have her every other weekend but another commitment is keeping her home until Christmas weekend. The mother lives about an hour away and we meet at the halfway point. She is a story teller, loves movies, and competes in everything with her brother (from another relationship) It is easy to miss her and we cannot wait until her next visit.

My grandson, my younger son's son (in the Elmo halloween suit) only lives about a twenty five minute walk away. He is coming tonight as his parents have a holiday party to go to. It is another very complicated situation and we do not see him as often as we would like. The last time that he was here, we let him explore a bit. He went upstairs and in no time came back down. Forty five minutes later, we heard water coming through the hall ceiling A quick run upstairs revealed that he had started the tub with the plug in.

So much for exploration....

I'll see you guys later!


ADORABLE! All three of them! Our Lizzie is in college but I think someday we may be grandparents. Your pics make me think it will be great.

Tim said…
Thanks, Mark!
Rowan said…
I already can't wait to have grandkids, and my youngest isn't yet 3 years old!

You are lucky to have them