You know, this new beta blogger is quite simple...it's me.

Over time, my blog has turned into a mess and I appear to be too feeble minded to fix it.

I tried to place my profile and the links section to the right of the blog being posted. I tried to place an interesting wall paper. I tried this and that. Now look. Blah. Blah, Wahhhhh!

I quit. This is what you get.

All part of This Being Human.....?

No. Just me. Burnt!


{illyria} said…
no, it's not you. the new beta blogger sucks balls. it's still beta, that's why, and that means, "we're not sure how this is gonna work, so you go ahead and try it and we'll take it from there."

maybe you could reduce the width size of your sidebar?
To tell you the truth Tim I'm happy just the way it is. I would rather you write to us on the back of an old coffee stained envelope than not at all :)

Rowan said…
not you at all in fact, I'm not even able to GET beta....it says I'm not eligible for some reason, hence, I have stuck with wordpress for now. I'd like to come back though
bert said…
I'm using wordpress and I'm glad with it. Nevertheless, I prefer this layout, Tim. It's clean and easy as a blog is supposed to be!
I haven't had any problems with the new blogger, in fact I think it is an improvement. It publishes faster and uploads photos faster (at least so far is has). Try starting from scratch and picking a new template.
Tim said…
illyria...I was able to stick it out and make a few improvements. I'm not the wiz that you are, but who is?
Mark...always an encouraging word. Thanks, Bro.
Heather, I lost your blog address but will search on google for it. No worries about the other day. I know that you had things to do. You are such a hard worker!
Great to hear from you Bert...
BMD...you ever slay me...and your words are wise...I did and I'm gonna stay w/ this for a while