Trust, Faith, the Tao.....When I drive "The Little Hottie" down a winding road, I anticipate little, only respond.
It IS the journey; Not the destination.
Lessons....sometimes we are destined to learn and learn again. Hard headed, I guess.
In the months leading up to my lay off in January, I knew well before it was told to us of our impending demise. Much like the peepers that go silent when danger approaches, I could sense and quite accurately fortold our future. I was without fear or a lack of trust in what the future would hold.
Come about March, doubt began to settle in, and with it all the garbage that doubt brings to the surface of our awareness.
In my simple practice of meditation, a sense of Wu Chi surfaces whereby you calmly respond to what the road brings you. Like driving the Ghia, there is great pleasure in this.
Buddhism puts into words what Taoism only intuitively implies. There are five hinderances to achieving this sense of Tao, or Faith.
1. SENSUAL DESIRE (kama raga) A man's most difficult area as we often wish we could make love to every woman we see.
2. ILL-WILL - A general sense of pissed-offness
3. SLOTH AND TORPOR - What happened to me for the last few months.
4. RESTLESSNESS AND WORRY -Restlessness and worry arise owing to lack of mindfulness. A daily practice helps to reach towards mindfulness instead of the worried state of mind.

5. SCEPTICAL DOUBTS - March, April, May, June, July, .........

I have put out to the universe, a prayer of sorts. I no longer wanted to travel; to commute. I hoped for salary equal to the job I left. I did not want to send a resume to the place that is now looking to hire me because, thinking within the box, there was only one person's job that I wanted. All else was beyond my comprehension. When I did send in my resume, I placed the envelope in backasswards but I sent it anyway.
When one of the owners interviewed me, he stated that he never interviews (but here we were) and he never opens incoming mail. My enevelope caught his eye. Even the position being offered was an idea less than a month old. They are creating a position making me the manager of three shifts and the supervisor of the person who's job I wanted.
A very good friend presented me with a year long Tarot spread on my birthday. It is amazingly accurate and inspiring. The timing, one year ahead from my birthday on 8/02 could not have been more right on.
....As I don't believe in anything...nor disbelieve in anything (Yes, it's possible) I am giddy as a kid at the curves the universe presents me.
Hope the lesson sticks this time!!!


alix said…
tao, that's just great!
let the blessings flow...
Rowan said…
I wish someone would do a tarot reading for me. Sounds like you have hit the nail onthe head (though i keep hoping it's not true) about the male fantasy of being able to nail every woman on earth.