Got up early on Sunday and drove the two hours into VT for the VW show. It rained all day. Turn out was low. Only 1 other Karmann Ghia. A beautiful 1967 convertable in showroom condition. The owner was a nice elderly gentleman who was the second owner. Always garaged.

Needless to say, he took first place. I got a real nice wood burned/engraved plaque for 2nd and met some good people. The season is almost over and I'm trying not to waste any time missing local shows. Drove 2+ hrs back to Mass to catch a local every Sunday show. Great time. Drank too much and still managed to hit the local pub on the way home. YeeeeHahhh! Not good, I know......

I have heard nothing on the job. It appears that they may have reconsidered. I really can't understand why. I thought the interviews went very well. Met the HR person, then one of the two owners interviewed me, then the President of the Ink Co...and then, nothing!!! No responses to my good business e -mail. Very unprofessional of them.

There are no jobs available unless I fall back on my human services experience. Too little pay....too much emotional involvement...bad hours...I have to be on someone's payroll in less than two weeks. The view from here is dismal....But I have my rose colored glasses on and I'm trusting the universe to come through. What's the alternative?


Rowan said…
Well, looks like you won your first [this year] 2nd place after all eh?

Keep looking, but don't give up on these guys'll find osmething though, no doubt!