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I do interview well, if I don't say so myself. As a Leo and an introvert, I often find myself in conflict. Love to rule, be top dog, control the situation but I also like to be left alone and in many ways hidden.
Experience, within mental health and as an operations manager and within other various constructive fields of learning, I can often manipulate the direction of an interview. I can disarm and charm the hostile or unfriendly.
I had two interviews today. I quickly remembered how to conduct myself after a six month hiatus of late nights and incoherent drunkeness watching the world from my porch...or should I say, perch.
Truth is, I am not very good at the games people must play in order to work in the world of business...not good at it, in the sense that I am often in conflict with how things are. I don't like having to walk in a world of machiavellian court. I am good at it, but I don't like it. Makes me feel a little dirty.
awww shit. here I go again...or maybe not. One will see.


Rowan said…
good news at last eh? Go you charmer you!
alix said…
good luck tao!
i've bs'd my way into more than one job, but always had the goods, too.
hope things turn around soon...for all of us!
transience said…
good luck! incidentally, leos and introversion don't work well together. but maybe you got on a speed bump along the astrological calendar. either way, you rock.