It's a beautiful evening and I'm gonna spend it quietly having a scotch and a smoke of the pipe. I've learned to enjoy some of the finer things in life through trial and error. I prefer 12 yr old Dewars and other top shelf scotch available to us mere mortals but alas, the wallet seldom complies, hence, I had to do some very painful comparrison shopping. Clan MacGregor is my Sept. Tracing family lineage on me mum's side is Scots-Irish with the Scot going back to this clan. So it was fitting that I find an enjoyable low cost scotch with this name. 1.75 liters for $20.
I smoke a custom blend of pipe tobacco and most often use my deacon's pipe. A very expensive pipe modeled after the clay pipes of old. With the stem, its about 10" long. If I grew the beard out a little differently perhaps one could mistake me for Amish or perhaps a Hippie holdover. I am neither.
American Indians in New England and elsewhere used tobacco in spiritual ceremonies and often drew the smoke around their heads to symbolize their prayers. I can relate. My time upon the porch is spent in deep contemplation reflecting a poet's muse. Being that poets are a weakness of mine (poets often write other than poetry and convey the same depth and breadth) it is the quickest way to my heart.
Tomorrow, I need to get up early and drive two hours into the mountains of VT for a all VW show. Hope for the "Little Hottie" to do well in the Ghia competition. I like air cooled VW people. Except for a few yuppies here and there, everyone is very down to earth and enjoy the simpler things in me.


Rowan said…
*crosses fingers*
Hope she wins again!
exfbonnie said…
I didnt realize you were doing shows...I hope dhe wins too. Ill have to read back here. hold on Ill be right back,
exfbonnie said…
that would be *she - your VW

and by the way...

I love how you spend your beautiful evening. Nothing more relaxing sometimes then a nice drink and good tobacco. Although I dont smoke cigars, I do enjoy an occasional beer/wine with a smoke or two (or 3 and 4). Heres to you on this evening *tipping scotch glass* ;)
Anonymous said…
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Come and check it out if you get time :-)
Anonymous said…
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Skarr said…
Nice post. Reading it brought some old memories of my late dad, who used to spend hours mixing and matching various brands of tobacco, trying to achieve the perfect blend for his collection of pipes.

Talking about scotch, I do like the single malt varieties and some of them are horribly expensive and while I haven't tried Clan McGregor, I'll be sure to try this one out as the price seems quite reasonable. There's nothing to beat sipping fine scotch after a nice steak and chatting with an old friend. Although, I wouldn't mind if I were solitary in a nice spot, with a good view. The good things in life, ultimately, are simple. That's the way it's always been and I have never understood this craze for material objects.
Tim said…
Rowan - she took second place!!! Will post about it soon.
exfbonnie - show are fun. Great to see all the VW's in one place. I also do cruise nights where any car of interest is invited. Great way to meet new people. A tip of the drink to you!
Skarr - great to meet you!