Let the games begin.....or continue

Well, hate to lie or bend the truth. But I can rationalize it with a little effort. One of the interviews that I had, I had put off, knowing quite well that they may very well want to hire me. One of the owners had asked the human resource director to interview me. That happened. Then, the two owners wanted me to come in and see them on Monday afternoon. I had to bend a little and let them know that I was scheduled for a second interview on Monday a.m. Approx an hour passed and they called me back asking to see me BEFORE I go to the second interview stating that they were VERY interested. $$$ are an issue. Hours are an issue. So the game of strategy comes into play. Fact of life. Wish it wern't so, but it is.
So, I have two more unemployment checks coming and possible employment on the doorstep.
Now it's their move.


justrose said…
i do hope you get it and that it's the right fit. please keep us posted!
Rowan said…
wow, obviously you have something great that they're after....wanna share the secrets? Nah, not really. I'm happy where I'm at, just curious is all.
Tim said…
justrose....will always keep you posted..
rowan..the secret is....I'm charming :>) LOL