We're all in this together...SO - Never feel alone!

It's so interesting. When I read other Blogs...we are so different, yet so simular in our experience and our reactions. The stressors of our relationships, occupations, shitty weather, politics.....it's so easy to say "fuck you" and withdraw from all the crap we have to deal with.
What I have experienced from my daily meditation, when I am committed to it, puts me in a place of observation instead of a place of reaction. Things are more humorous and less personal...the personal begins to disappear. When you realize that our experiences, reactions, etc...are just part of being human, you begin to relax. Even the fact that I lose my way and have to rediscover several times over, that I am indeed off the mark, is part of being human. But my periods of flowing with the Tao, in daily meditation, in maintaining good health, in being an observer more than a reactor.....are becoming longer and more ingrained into my being. It's a better place.