Fighting weight

I am my healthiest @ 176-183 Lbs. This is the weight of the light heavy weight boxing division and it suits me perfectly. After almost a decade of pain disability 1987 and beyond, I gained 15 - 3o- mobility was limited. I finally diagnosed myself as having type 2 diabetes, which the Dr. confirmed. I find that if I manage to keep my weight under 180, I am medicines free and find myself damned healthy. But as in all good things...they come to an end. With stress, and forgetfulness, I find myself @ 195 Lbs and my blood sugar this a.m. was 148 (70-120 is normal).
So, I got up early this morning...had my a.m. meditation...had a great walk yesterday...time to get the proverbial shit together.


Toni said…
Tim, I decided enough was enough (being at my heaviest EVER), and started on a weight loss plan.

For a while I had been thinking that I should when suddenly I just got so uncomfortable... IT WAS TIME!

I'm down 15 pounds & 8 inches so far. I feel so much better already!