Meditation...or how to turn down the volume of everyday life.....

Yes, meditation. We've all heard the word in its varying contexts. There is relaxation response, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian....But unless you want to be a Buddhist monk or laymen, A Taoist sage or follower, a Christian mystic or member of your local congregation (I've aspired to fill each role at one time) you need not dedicate yourself to any of the aforementioned paths. Of course, I do believe that each one has value. The volume of everyday life is such that we can't ever make up our minds which path to follow; or even if there is a path at all. By turning down the volume, we are able to see our lives clearly. Life is really about responsibility. Yeah, sounds pretty sucky, doesn't it! But the truth is, what we are now is the result of choices we made yesterday. To improve our tomorrow, we must make good choices now. This is self responsibility. Not what others do or do not do, but what I do or do not do. How often do we wander in confusion about how we can make our lives, "better"! We spend too much time wishing others would change or stop doing what we do not like...and yet, we do not have what it takes to seperate ourselves or to know if seperation is the answer. Confusion! Not, self responsibility.
I would like to start an informal on line meditation group. Friends taking self responsibility. But for now, alas I am an internet rookie. The best I can currently do is my blog.