Nice long walk....a study in observation

In the brilliant sunshine, I took a walk in the New England mid twenty degree weather. Meditation acts as a tool to help you experience life in an objective manner. We all live subjective lives, always caught up in how this or that is affecting us. Walking into the wind, it felt more like ten degrees as the cold bit into my face. As an object of meditation, in observing without internal judgement or comment, this is what I found;
As my face became tight with the cold, I observed the reaction of my mind. Of course it was screaming, "get the hell outta here and into a warm place!" I observed the tightness of the skin on my face. My observation focused on my shoulders up high and stiff into my neckline. I noticed my hips tight and my stride stiff. My breathing was more robotic than natural.
As I began to notice, make note, and not just react to my thoughts, the shoulders relaxed and my arms began to swing in unison with my stride. My breath became natural and my legs had a spring in their step. I then observed how much useless energy was used to "react" to the first reaction in my mind. The desire to escape or keep warm.
In taking a view of my walk in a subjective way instead of our ususal personal subjective way, I became warm as I saved energy from relaxed muscles. The walk was relaxing and refreshing and the militaristic march faded away.
There is a flow that we allow to escape because we are too busy "reacting". Let us learn to let go and enter the flow. C'mon, I dare you!


Toni said…
Hi Time. Funny... I'm just back from a walk then I read your blog.

I love walking. It clears my mind. It's a chance to hear the birds sing, observe the buds on the trees and the snow on the mountains.

Massachusetts city girl gone country!