It happens. We lose our way. But take heart, for while on the downside we sharpen our intuition and learn life's most valuable lessons. When on top, we forget all but enjoyment and some of the most valuable lessons get slowly dropped. Meditation, for example. I have learned that for me, it is like sharpening a knife. Once we begin to slip away from our practice the day comes where we are confronted by the dullness...and we're shocked!
Well, for those that know something of the I-Ching....Hexagram 49 (Molting) has been a constant since late last year. It is a time for me to get back on the horse. To get back to that which has proven itself to be important.
Things to find:
lose weight (15 lbs)
get back into shape and exercise
find a job
finish my book


~Manda~ said…
I hear ya