I need a Fight

Sometimes, as a guy, you just have this pent up aggression. I mean, some wild, wild sex might help. But after 27 years of marriage, it is hard to find new things that will build you into a frenzy and leave you satisfied and exhausted at the same time. I am not a violent guy. Hate bullies. But a good rock'em sock'em, sounds like just what the doctor ordered. The same, dismal fact is...and I HATE, DESPISE, did I say hate????? about myself is, my body let me down. In 1987 I had an injury that kept in a back brace for 2 years, a t.e.n.s unit for 2 more...Damn I was on disability for 5 years. Now, I'm doing pretty well. But at 50 yrs old, you do have some regrets. I miss strength. I am bound and determined to gain my flexability and strength. Not so I can beat anyone up. Its just one of my goals. Rambling crap here, I know. But thats my blog. If you don't like it, let me know and I'll kick your ass! Ahhhhhhhh...that felt good!