Tiny Dancer


Angela said…
Ooohhh she's beautiful? How old is she?
My little girl is 3 now, she is a hand full but I love her to bits!

Tim said…
Brielle turned two in October. She is a dramatic queen that loves to dance. She rocks my world!
"James" said…
What an angel. Those smiling eyes express so much vibrant energy, bubbling fun and love. I can see why she holds a special place in your heart. Kids are our greatest treasure.

Great comment by the way on my post about anger, punishment and compassion. This is my reply:


Yes, compassion and love are the greatest lessons that we can learn I believe.

When I "feel" that I have "fallen short" of my expectations, which are always too high, meditation allows me to be compassionate with myself.

I love the way that you said this. I often forget to be compassionate with myself. Meditation is a beautiful, grounding time to extend loving energy toward ourselves. It is the time to do "surgery" and come back to the moment of pure being. Medicine to relieve our suffering.

I am going to emphasize that more in my practice. Thank-you for the reminder friend. You are a great teacher. I am thankful for your presence and for getting to know you. :)

Tim said…
Thanks James....right back atcha Bro'...HA! Do appreciate knowing your around!