Date Nite

I'm sure that it began more than seven years ago. Not sure about the hows and the whys, but the Lady decided that we would start a tradition of "Date Nite" every week on Wednesdays. It didn't matter what we ate. We would have dinner, some wine, music and candlelight. The night was dedicated to food, music, conversation and wine. My oldest son and my youngest daughter, the only two living at home at this time (out of four) objected to this. They didn't like eating in the dark. Didn't like the music. didn't like the interruption in the routine.
For the last few years, the kids enjoy Date Nite and invite themselves over now that they're not at home. My Granddaughter Brielle (the Dingo) enjoys it as well. She's a dancing machine. Always has been. This week she couldn't finish dinner in anticipation of the dancing.
"Dance. Dance. Please. Please," she pleaded! We would run to the dance floor (in front of the CD player) and she danced in full self expression.
I love her so.
Tried to download pix....but Blogger says "no"....Too bad. Your loss. Truly.


Jess said…
what a wonderful way to celebrate on what is debatably the most boring day of the week. :)
Kathy said…
Hi Tim

sounds nice. :) cute little girl too!
loralee said…
I think date night sounds great. Tiny Dancer is just about the best name ever. She just gets cuter and cuter
Tim said…
Jess, Kathy & nights are a great tradition. I hope to hear that you are starting yours soon. Let me know when they commence.
trinitystar said…
What a lovely idea ... keeps you alive ...
and the little one is so cute.