Elvis was on television singing, "Glory, glory, hallelujah." I briefly glimpsed the thermometer hanging outside and it read sixty five degrees.

Normal temperatures for January 6Th are usually thirty eight for a high while the reality is, it is often lingering towards zero. There has been less than one inch of snow total - after having two storms!

I sighed in frustration over having an abscessed tooth that is developing into a sinus infection.

We began with a new health insurance plan on January 1st, 2007. It is a very bad joke that got even worse when I found that it didn't cover any doctors in my area.

It has a $2,000 deductible. The company places $375 a quarter towards the $2000 leaving the employee with a $500 balance. Since I am paying $33 a week, the $1500 a year is not really being paid by the company. It comes from my $33 a week. My wife has does not have health insurance. Neither does about one in six people in the country. The insurance plan places the entire business of shopping for the best (cheapest) health care and Rx on me. You need to use their web site to ensure that you will pay the least for whatever you need. It is a savings health plan that will reward the healthy and penalize those that need to use it.

I am going to look into the free clinic and perhaps cancel the policy altogether. I could use the $33 a week.

We have not had the $$ to shop for food in a very long time. I have eaten more eggs and English muffins and Subway (because the Lady and my daughter both work there) than anyone should eat.

I am not whining! Not asking for sympathy. THIS IS the experience of many. I make 60% less than I did in my last job and will have to sell and move to the Midwest if I hope to find work. I don't envision that being a reality.

I'm not sure if there is something that I should learn from this experience. As if once learned, I will progress to being well paid and well fed. Ha! No, I need to grow up.

I really, really need to grow up!


Loralee Choate said…
Politcally, I consider myself a moderate conservative. THAT said, when it comes to health care (And many subsections of the welfare program) I am a screaming liberal.

We were self-employed for 7 years and my family only had medical coverage when I was pregnant (And then, it was only me and my children). We couldn't get coverage because of my health history or it was more money a month than we made!

It is beyond disgusting what people suffer in one of the weathiest, most powerful countries in the world.

And for the record? You are NO whiner, my friend.
Sunyata said…
You have no idea how much I value your blog and I thank you for your wisdom and just plain honest sharing...and you certainly are no whiner.
We have health insurance but every couple years it costs more and we receive less.
I have taken to refusing tests and physicals because I don't need any more 'conditions' to be added to 'the File'. My dr. just looks at me when I say..I am only concerned with keeping in check with these 3...don't find anymore.
It is a sad state we are in.
Remember when Hilary was laughed at, mocked and torn to shreds when she tried to help 'us' by suggesting we needed national healthcare?
It will take, once again, the Liberals to take care of the people.
Pray or keep your fingers crossed.
Tim said…
Thank You Rubik & Sunyata!

Thank - You!