Got my first paycheck today. At least it was something. After I pay my mortgage, I'll be broke. Still looking for something to bail me out. Maybe an equity loan. Just don't know.

I'm trying to sell my ovation to help me purchase some holiday gifts. Not a great loss. Just don't have the interest in music that I once did. I also own a bohdran that I had once promised to master, but it lies in it's case mocking me.

Not really though. It just seems that my mind is too full to spend time with an instrument. I used to own a vintage Fender, that I gave to a friend. I had a Martin D35 that I sold to help with closing costs when I bought my home. I had a bass cello that I gave to another friend. Tye Lady once owned an Aria that I smashed over the arm of the couch many years ago. I traded my Martin backpacker and some $$ for this Ovation. Just bored with it.

I feel as though I do bitch a lot....Just venting. Really. The world is so full of suffering. How can I piss and moan when I have so much in a world of those who have so little.

Happy Thanksgiving guys. May you be happy. May you be free from suffering.


transience said…
woohoo! at least that's something. a flicker of hope, if you may. happy thanksgiving, honey.
Rowan said…
happy thanksgiving, sad you are selling your guitar though.
Anonymous said…
i wonder if that's the same one i promised to play, but never did...?

my thoughts are walking those well trod paths, too. isn't it funny? we could not be more different or more alike.

blessings to you this holiday season, tao. i hope they'll fall upon you as plentiful as the snow.
ghostie alix