eventful day in many ways

I got hired today at the local hardware store. Although it is $16 less an hour than my last position, I can walk to work. It will save $$ in gas and perhaps help me lose the weight I've gained from 11 months of sloth.

My bedraggled son came by as well. Looked like absolute hell. He agreed to enter detox. That took most of the day. I feel so bad for him but only he can do it for himself.

My re-entry back into the work force and his move to detox has stress settled into my spine. I walked and hung from the inversion board in an attempt to stretch myself into some relief.



Rowan said…
Yesss, you did it.
We all knew u would sooner or later.

I took a pay cut where I am here, but the lack of stress is such a relief to me, that it is worth the 3/hr and 6.5hrs/wk that I've lost.
Lost said…
Here's hoping that that detox works out for your son. I have my fingers crossed.
Congrats on the job! It might seem to be a less than desirable job but for NOW it is a job and that's all that really matters, right?
alix said…
i'll include your son in my prayers. i can't imagine how hard this must be for your family.

i'm glad you got something. money's money, and it's good money when earned honestly.

sending hugs, tao.