Frustration comes easier than hunger sometimes. I mean, the actions of the world's terrorists cannot be condoned. But the vicious circle spins round and round. Watching it makes one dizzy to the point of puking. If you stand to one side, like a parent that waves to their child at each spin of the merry go round, it lends confidence that both feet are firmly planted on the ground. If only it were so.The American government has a long standing history of supporting governments, factions, political movements, revolutionaries or individuals, if it is seen to be in America's best interest. The consequences of such choices be dammed.If your friend behaved as badly, you would turn your back on them. Instead, anyone who questions the GOP's actions are accused of trying to rewrite history or of not supporting the troops. Holding thousands without due process and kicking aside the Geneva Convention is okay because we support the constitution and talk about the goodness of America. Most of the world has grown to hate us and we're proud of it. Shows that we must be doing a good job.But before you label me a member of the KKK, (Kennedy, Kerry Klan) or a Liberal, (woooooooooo!) I can't say much for our future on that side of the aisle either. I should bet Vegas odds on Hillary being our next president. You can see the grooming going on in Hollywood and throughout the list of Democratic handshaking lobbyists. Oh boy!Perhaps my new job and the meager financial return will help me return to my roots. Plant a garden, explore a little more self sufficiency. In the world, not of the world. No longer playing the game, riding the merry go round, round and round.Cuz, I'm dizzy enough to puke.