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Miss Brielle came for supper last night. We visit with my daughter and let Brielle explore, play and entertain us. She found the phone.
She wandered into the kitchen jabbering into the phone with a big grin spread across her face, and handed it to us.
A few minutes later, the police called asking if we had an emergency, and a policeman showed up a few minutes later.
"There's the culprit," I said, pointing out Brielle, who met him at the door. She greeted him warmly and officer Geoffry was quite pleased. Just the sort of domestic call every officer loves responding to.


capegirl said…
Brielle is lovely Tim and that story truly made me smile! Lovely call to respond to for the police officer, I should think.
Rowan said…
I did that when i was a small child...they threatened my parents with a bill for allowing us to play with the pohne and waste their time and money. I hope that you don't have this sort of thing befall you