Terror in the UK

The Lady is a bones player. We once met a rather famous man of the bones world from the UK named Nick Driver. We used to correspond and then he suddenly dropped out of sight. He made a nice set of bones for the Lady that I ordered from him to present her at the Winter's Yule. Along with payment I mailed him a couple of static cling American Flags that were printed with my company's environmentally friendly ink.
After I received the bones, Nick informed me that the flags were well received by his wife. She has been in one of the towers when the planes struck. Several months later, as a symbol of healing, she framed a picture of the twin towers and attached the flags that I had sent to the picture's glass.
As a further sign of weirdness, the Bones Society was forwarded a letter and a check for Nick's dues several months late. Apparently, it was one of several over seas mail shipments that were at the towers for mail distribution. It was one of thousands of pieces of mail later recovered and forwarded to the intended.
Will terror ever come to an end? I don't think so. The methods may change. When a little guy feels harrassed by a big guy, he will hit him with a baseball bat when his back is turned and never apologize.