My communal experience - for Justrose

In north central CT there was a section of property owned by a German preacher of the gospel. There was a large main building with a large porch that was converted to small sleeping quarters. Besides the converted porch rooms, the main house had space enough for several dozen people and the porch rooms could double that amount. There was an ajoining bunkhouse that could accomodate a dozen more and there was land enough for perhaps 50 campers. The grounds also held a large tar papered covered tabernacle for worship services. Each year, the German preacher would open the grounds for at least a two week "revival" that was attended by churches from several New England states to hear a preacher contracted to lead the services.
In 1976, while attending my second such revival, I decided to quit my job in Massachusetts and align myself with a church group comprised of Christians from across the states and we were welcomed to spend the summer on the grounds.
We worked in unison for preparing meals and other daily chores. As the well was never meant to accomodate such a large number of people, it went dry. We would cart water each day from a nearby lake and used it for dishes and laundry while boiling it for drinking water. For bathing purposes we visited a nearby historical site that had spring fed faucets where we would wash in the coldest water I had ever seen coming from a faucet.
The nights were as clear as anything I had ever seen and it led to many nights of introspection and prayer. This is where the Lady and I began our courtship. We would walk through the woods and discuss our life and our commitment to God. It was many, many weeks before we even held hands. The summer slid into the best Indian Summer that I have ever experienced and we lived here until early October.
It was at this time we bought an old nursing home in Providence, RI and continued our lifestyle. We used to hit the "docks" and get day old and expired food to live on. We met a guy that was contracted to make the hospital white fish in individual aluminum foil containers. He believed that it was for patients at X-Mass so he left out salt and seasonings. It turns out that it was for the Doctors, so they refused to receive it. We could not fit it all in our old Ford wagon. I could eat that four times a day it was so good. Outside our house there were prostitutes walking the streets. It was my first exposure to a densely populated multi ethnic neighborhood. One night, while holding a service at a local project, about fifty people gathered outside to hear us preach and sing. Soon, rock began to fly. It was at that time I noticed that the walls contained several dozen pictures of succesful black entertainers and educators along side the KKK hanging several poor bastards with great joy. We had to be led out to our vehicles to escape a very unhappy mob.
There are so many stories that are wrapped into this stage of my life. It seems so long ago. If you have any questions, I don't mind. In fact, I consider it a blessing to hear from anyone. I am humbled by my fellow bloggers.


justrose said…
This is so colorful, so amazing, and so introspective. That's awesome that you met the lady there! I really enjoyed reading it, thanks for answering my comment by writing it. What an interesting life you've led! It's the stuff great stories are made of.
Rowan said…
wow, have you ever lived! I would love for you to write more about this period in your life, sounds like you have one of those lives that you could make a movie about, like Forrest Gump and all his happenstances.