The lady and I spent the weekend in upstate NY. An old friend was getting married. Something we wouldn't miss for the world. This was her second marriage. Her 1st husband was a dick. She deserved so much better. She found him.
There was no expense spared at the reception. There was great food, an open bar with top shelf liquor, and cigars too.
Me, being a sucker for 12 year old scotch, lost count after four five finger tumblers and after a point in time, I lost all track of time and memory. I enjoy a good drunk now and again but I would rather remain aware. Guinness is a good drink for this. Kick back with a perfectly poured pint, a deep dark ray of sunshine, mmmmmmmmmm! But in my quest to loose some lbs, I have stopped drinking beer. Guinness has the same calories ounce for ounce as skim milk but 12 year old scotch has zero. Made sense that if it had zero carbs I should enjoy myself. Don't remember going to bed and the BBQ on Sunday was ruined since I was sick as a dog.
Glad that we able to learn our lessons. But for how long?