I've been waiting for weeks to attend an air cooled VW meet in Woodstock, CT. In 1976 I lived just a ways down the road from the Fairground where this was to be held. Interesting thoughts on this day:
1) Am I losing it? I didn't read the notice carefully. Today was a music fest and BBQ from noon to six and camping for long distance travelers. We were there at 9:30 a.m. The actual car show is tomorrow. We drove home.
2) I courted the Lady 30+ years ago not far from this location at a summer Christian campground. We are no longer Christain but have been married for 28 yrs.
3) My Father grew up in this area in south central Massachusetts. He has a sister buried here somewhere. She was murdered when my father was in his early twenties and she in her late twenties. He had her name and picture tattooed on his arm. Another sister was arrested for prostitution here in the 30's.
4) The company that downsized and squezzed me out is now located near this area. I think we drove by it today.
5) My Karmann Ghia is a rarity in this area. It is one of one thousand that were built with A/C in 1973. In my youth (not long ago - really!) I owned a squareback that a soldier brought back with him from Germany in the early seventies. It was unique. The second car that the Lady and I owned together was a 72 Super Beetle.
6) I don't really understand why, but I am too depressed to go back to the fairgrounds for the actual show tomorrow. Perhaps I'll feel differently then.