Take a pill

About a year ago I came to the conclusion that I needed an antidepressant. Duh! So, I saw my Doctor and began to take Celexa. We started low and increased the dosage. It worked pretty well...I didn't like the bizzare dreams that I was having and through some experimentation I found that I did very well at the lowest Mg. Then my company downsized and I lost my job and my insurance. So I weaned myself off very slowly and I don't like the results. I can hardly stand to be my own company.
It took many years of soul searching to enable myself to come to a place where I could accept the idea of taking something for my depression. Then, I finally start and I lose it. I've been looking online to see about getting in sent in from Canada to save some $$. Even that's too expensive right now.
I've totally forgotten how to have fun. I want to do something radical just so I can feel something. I'm angry enought to start a fight.
Well, what can I say. We are of the nature to get sick....so I'll just deal. But, dammit! Enough is enough. Somebody slap me.


justrose said…
I was on SSRI's for years, some are less expensive than others, but all of them have different effects on everyone. Some are not proprietary anymore and are less expensive ... ask your doctor.

I miss them, but the side effects were difficult for me.
Jozee said…
Hey Tim,

Celexa has a generic now. Also do you know about Citizen's Health Prescription program? $ 12.00 a year for discounted scripts.

Write me josie.soho@gmail .com

Thanks for checkin me out .

A fellow scot in MA