The Game has not changed...only the Players

TBS or TNT or some such station has recently been showing the movie "ALI" with Wil Smith. It appears to be fairly well done but one line spoken by Ali's wife has stuck with me. In referring to Don King she stated, "He talks black, he lives white, and he thinks green."
You can see how well he has done regardless of the success or failure of those he was said to represent. Remind you of anyone? Don King has never had to run for office because he has the science worked out perfectly.
Regardless of the success or failure of the American economy, our representatives in elected office will continue to spin themselves golden parachutes and forever float through any crisis. It doesn't matter how you label it. It all stinks! It is all designed for their success regardless of the people's outcome. Compassionate conservative? Think that one through. Faith based? Put that under the microscope!
And the mess in Iraq? Don't let that disturb you. It's nothing new. It will always be like this. And we will be pressed into waving flags and told that it is all for our freedom and the democracy of the world.
Please take the time to read about the American Major General Smedley Butler, USMC. Although he spoke out over 70 years ago, the game has not changed, only the players.