The Dust Will Settle at TaoSpring

My understanding and experience of meditation
is to let it be whatever it is;
you just remain silent, without any concern,
without any judgment,
without making any appreciation or condemnation.
Soon all the dust will settle,
and you will be left behind in your immense glory,
in your tremendous beauty,
in your peaks of consciousness.
~ Osho 


GaiaGirl said…
Eeks! You coulda waited 'til it was all finished and looking nice-nice you know. ;)
Tao1776 said…
Yes. I will publish the complete work when it is finished GaiaGirl!
well, it's quite a rational statement for meditation. More often i found (even now)I contemplate rather than meditate. But it's different. The contemplative state may be compared to a bee buzzing around a flower,about to alight on it and sip the nectar from it, the state of meditation is reached when the bee is already seated on the flower and has begun to taste the sweetness of the nectar.

Even meditation is different from reflective reasoning. reasoning is satisfied if it merely achieves a clear conception of things, whereas meditation seeks a direct perception of them.

Meditation is to me, is the greatest of art. One who can meditate whether on God, attributeless thing or like Zen or Buddhist way, is the greatest artist, greater than Leonardo d Vinci or Shakespeare. I think we can agree on that point that the greatest difficulty a man faces is to empty his mind. It's an art to do that.