Me and Gaia Girl took the Ghia down to valley on Sunday. The Ghia always arrives to waves and points. She (and me) love it! We picked up some incense at the Tibet store and poked a little. Just a little. Seeing that Labor Day weekend was in full swing Northampton was crowded with tourists and college kids. We had to flee. We had made up a picnic lunch with an iced tea for Gaia Girl and a pint of Guinness for me. We picked up a nice sandwich from Whole Foods and added it to the cran-raisin cookies that we picked up at the local farm stand.
We made our way over to the Peace Pagoda to have our lunch. The pond next to the Dry Garden is usually noisy with frogs as they jump for cover whenever anyone approaches. Seemed quiet today. As was much of our ride through the meandering hills and flats and curves that make up the Connecticut river valley. The river looked the color of a coffee milkshake after Hurricane Irene had her way throughout the North Country.
It was a nice day. A very nice day. A good day. A very good day.