He's Soooooooo Cute!!!

"Pepe'! Pepe'" She yelled, using the French Canadian word for grandfather. It was assigned to help my grand kids distinguish me from all the other grand-dads and great grand-dads.
"He's soooo cute"!
I came out from under the hood of the Ghia to see her pointing to the side of a tree.
"Get him for me".
There was a hefty caterpillar crawling up the tree. She loves bugs and worms and caterpillars. Especially caterpillars. She has a terrarium that she keeps her finds in. Creeps her mother out though. The last straw came when was Brielle placed two or three caterpillars upon her pillow and watched with glee as they climbed towards her mother's face.
But as the Spring turned to Summer, the caterpillars turned to moths and her fun soon came to an end.
Last Tuesday I was mowing the lawn and discovered to my delight, a young and vibrant Hoppy Toad. I called for Brielle to come and inspect my find.
"What is it"?
"A Hoppy Toad. Hold him. He's cute".
She took an immediate liking to him. She named him "Rosey". For three days she would not let him leave her side. It was with great coaxing that to get her to concede that Rosey needed his rest and placed him within the terrarium.
"That's the worst idea you ever had," they all told me.
On Thursday, we spent the day together while everyone worked. I have every other Thursday off. "You hear that," I asked her. "I can hear his mom and dad looking for him".
It took a lot of coaxing but she soon felt bad that Rosey missed his mom and dad and they they were looking for him in the garden. She very slowly and very reluctantly turned her hand and dropped him onto the ground. He immediately disappeared.
She was devastated. She cried big sobs. "I want him back" she cried. "I want him".
I explained that she did the right thing. He really missed his mom and he was also very hungry. I told her how they were all hugging as Rosey told tales of the wonderful little girl that he had met. We made up songs to help us feel better.
"Rosey, Rosey, Rosey.
He was a fun toady.
He had fun but had to run,
Rosey, Rosey Rosey.
After and hour she reconciled her grief. She told her Meme' that she let Rosey go so that he could see his mom.
Today, as I returned from work, Brielle requested, "Hey Pepe'. Let find another Toad".


Merelyme said…
awww...what a wonderful story. makes me want to catch toads just to let them go.
How cute. Sounds like she might be a biologist or zoologist. Hope you are well. Thinking of you...
Al said…
Reminds me of being a kid and finding toads...

Oh, the joys of being a grandfather!
Tim said…
M- go catch a few!
James - hope to talk with you soon. Good to see you buddy!
Al - one of the many perks....yeah!