Eclectic by candleight

Did I ever tell you about date night?
We began a tradition over ten years ago of having our Wednesday supper with candlelight and a bottle of wine. In the beginning, the remaining kids at home protested. No lights, music. No t.v. In time, the kids began to invite their friends. Soon, friends began to call asking if they could to date night.
Flash to last night.
A close friend of my youngest daughter, who likes to visit us as much as possible, asked if he could come over and prepare an eastern European dinner for date night. After we said yes, the numbers grew. We had to prepare more food. The kids did, that is. Two casseroles, the beef and egg noodle east European thing, hearty bread, and New England's famous valley corn.
I had a catch in my throat as I gave the toast.
Three out of my four kids were present. My youngest daughter had over two of her friends and her boyfriend. My oldest daughter had over a date as well. The two guys are both Iraq war vets and both have residual effects from their multiple tours. One is in constant conflict with his father and floats about looking for purpose in life. The other, had good news in that his Mum's tests came back being negative for cancer and they're searching for the cause of an infection. But it now looks positive after it had looked so bleak.
We are an unusual crew.
The much needed rain fell and fell and it felt good. We sat out on the porch watching the night sky being illuminated with a dance of heat lightening and brilliants stabs of light followed by booms and rolling thunder. After the wind picked up, we returned inside.
Inside the house we listened to a mix of Alyson Kraus, Solas, Dave Matthews, Blues, and yes, Dido. I made a date to blow off a day from work and go fishing with my oldest daughter's date. I worry about him. He can't relax and carries his tense body like clenched teeth. His father has always treated him harsh. His father is a Vietnam veteran and I'm sure that he carries his own scars. He has gone out of his way to bring me firewood. I know that he really likes my oldest daughter but his affection isn't equally returned. Her heart belongs to another. I, on the other hand, thinks that her heart's affection is a lout. Go figure!

On a side note, I'm soon going to post some pix of the "Little Hottie" trophies and all!!!


Bridge said…
Date night sounds fun. I know most of my kids friends like to hang out at our house. I really want to keep it that way. Maybe I'll do something like this as well.