I (heart) the Moon

Imagine the countless generations that have viewed, in awe, the full moon in October.
On October 7th, we will view the Harvest Moon. The American Indians referred to the full October moon as the Hunter's Moon while some, as the Moon of the Falling Leaves.

The cold is deeply settling in and the air is crisp and clean in my lungs. This time of year brings forth a feeling of deep mysticism. The feeling is not unique. It is rather universal. All Hallow's Eve is a time when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest according country lore. One could readily agree tonight.

I look to nature for sign of what this years winter will bring. Wooley catapillars are nowhere to be found. Squirrels appear skinny and show no sign of a winter coat. Cold came early this year. Confusion rules the day as no definite sign dares to present itself. Leaves are already deep amongst the wood, giving off the smell of musk and decay, providing a rich and healthy forest sub-floor.

One can see turkey, coyote, and several varieties of hawk during the day. There is sign of deer, moose and bear, although they have evaded me. The water has never appeared as clean and as refreshing as it does now. The night peepers are slowing to a whisper.

I made a lentil soup and added a few whole onions to the pot. It warmed my insides while the gas later on amused me greatly. I thought of my grandaughter who laughs wildly at impolite flatulence. Ah, childish humor.


It seems the cold came early to the high country too, today Susan and I will spend the day cutting firewood and hauling it back in the truch to be cut and split. I love this time of year because it begins to call me back within myself in a way the active, busy summer cannot. Love your blog friend, have you tried putting a large carrot into the soup as the lentils cook? Suposedly the carrot absorbs the chemical causing the gas. You then toss out the carrot (even though it is unseemly to do so).


"James" said…
Yes, I have often thought about how many generations have seen the moon.

It is a beautiful thing to contempate on how connected we all are. Those who went before us, those who live with us now and those who will come after.

Talk about interconnectedness.

I love the fall. I especially love the Aspen leaves turning in this part of Colorado.
Tim said…
Mark! And miss the humor of flatulance?....I see that you purchased a copy of A Path with Heart. Like it. Good reference too.

James, I hear that the Aspens are a sight to see.

Good to hear from you, my brothers!
"James" said…
Yes, I see their fall leaves as specks of golden reflection from the sun. :)