Boredom is such a strange state of mind; dullness, doldrums...

So, I decided to look once again at the "five hindrances" or negative mental states that prolong our state of dis-ease or dukka.

As listed in Wikipedia, they are:

1. Sensual desire (kamacchanda): Craving for pleasure to the senses.2. Anger or ill-will (vyapada): Feelings of malice directed toward others.3. Sloth, torpor and boredom (thina-middha): Half-hearted action with little or no concentration.4. Restlessness and worry (uddhacca-kukkacca): The inability to calm the mind.5. Doubt (vicikiccha): Lack of conviction or trust.

My first thought was, "Well, I'm screwed."

As a man that is entering the August of his years, I sometimes mourn that I will never again know the touch of young love.

I've never been labeled an angry man. Those that know me well tell others that they wouldn't like to see it. There are times when I feel that my only sense of satisfaction would come from administering a beating to someone.

Sloth (boredom) - I have come to realize, manifests itself when my mind is absent of the above two fantasies. Hmmmmm.

But them comes worry and doubt. The two are just different sides of the same coin. When the coin stands on end (in balance) worry and doubt are in their natural state. Not in total absence, as worry and doubt in balance appears to me as a state of awareness; of being alert, but within the framework of peace. At least as I have experienced. I have a deep sense of faith; of confidence, in that, that which I am seeking is within me and is also causing me to seek. It is waiting only for my full discovery.

What better time for me to examine the five hindrances and unlock their cure?

Join me, if you will.


"James" said…
My first thought was, "Well, I'm screwed."

I couldn't help but smile.

My first thought too was, "I'm screwed." :) I'll lean on you if you lean on me friend.
Tim said…
James - I have come to think of you as a friend, a resource, and someone that I like having around. Send me an email link. I didn't find one on your blog.
Ah, the hindrances, I know them well Horatio, for I have cultivated them at lenth and with artful purpose. At the risk of sounding immodest I am told that because of my efforts there have been added several more "kleshas" to the list my teacher first gave me. :)
kathy said…
Thanks for the links Tim, I'll look into them tonight. :)
Brittany Hogan said…
I really appreciate your candid honesty. #4 is my downfall.... that's where writing comes into play. Emptying all that's inside me is freeing... in a way redeeming. Taking what's screwed up inside me, identifying the root of it and pouring that onto paper... that's freeing. thanks for the great post!