Don Iannone said…

Great pictures. So different, but also so very the same. Different in the voice they speak in, but the same in the sense they all reach inside you and draw the "you" out.
Don Iannone said…
Added you to my blogroll, Tim. Meant to do that earlier.
Tim said…
Well, thanks Don! A Pleasure to hear from you. Always enjoy your blog. Thanks for the link. I've been a little lame in the link department. Hope to cure that soon!
Be well...
Loralee Choate said…
WOW. Those photos are GORGEOUS.

I wish they were bigger, though.


I added October Project on my player (Mellow List)just for you (Since you are the only other person I know with such impeccable taste!) :D
Tim said… ALWAYS make me smile. ALWAYS!