This is not a Romney endorsement.  I've known better car salesmen than Mitt. While Romney states that Obama's leadership is built upon a "blame presidency" he continues to lay the blame for almost every problem in America at the feet of the current President. Then he continues with the sort of rhetoric that strongly concludes that he the kind of leader that would put America back to work. The sort of people that buy this message are the same kind of people who buy used cars with 95k at $17,000, while the salesman drives off in a new version of the same model and the dealer drives a Mercedes, Lincoln, Audi or Porsche. I don't begrudge them their nice shiny automobiles. Not at all.  No one tells more falsehoods than a car salesman or the man running for President. I'm sure that there are exclusions to the rule. But Romney?
People feel safe in tiny little boxes of dogma. The more authoritative he sounds, a watchful eye will reveal that he is a master of the flip flop with a penchant for morphing into whatever is needed for that given moment.  
Isn't that the definition for a politician? Which means of course that he stands a pretty good chance of getting elected.


Mike Golch said…
it wouls seem that all the republicans want to blame President Obama for all the problems that America has. but in fact these were caused by the last president.Just My Opion.