A year ago today my old friend "chick" passed away at the ripe old age of seventy five. And it's not that I had a remorseful day or anything but I sure did act melancholy. I visited the family graves and lit some incense at each site. I said a prayer of sorts and I felt a tear or two. I guess this divorce shit has helped lead me to stray from being the guy who has it all together. Sheesh!
Later in the evening I went to movies with my eldest son. On my way home, after I had dropped him off, Layla played on the radio. The last few minutes of the song I finished sitting in my driveway with memories of laying in Mary's arms late at night as Layla faded in and out on the one tiny a.m. speaker. I must have been fifteen.
The years that have passed!
Nothing in life has gone off as planned but isn't that always the way? What is it that John Lennon said? "Life is what happens while you're busy making plans"? Well, I'm more than halfway between Layla and those cemetery plots that I visited today and nothing has gone as planned.
In regards to my divorce and all the ugliness and blame that has blown my way, I have said often that I feel more like an observer than a participant. Like a book that is being read, not written.
Or would that be written, not read?


sir, you have had a hard life, but this is the way it is. i understand, even we know everything, it is utmost difficult to control the sentiments, after all we are not stones, but there is a way. I think Tao guides us to all.
baroness radon said…
Xiao Didi--
I think Lennon said "making OTHER plans." Whatever.
Really, I think one's life is like a novel (or a string of prayer beads). Chapters. Not everyone experiences or understands their life this way. Some chapters, episodes, are painful, some you want to read or watch over and over. But, we keep moving on, until, finis.

As a friend said about my car (and your little hottie too), sooner or later, EVERYTHING will fall off. Our vehicles are wonderful metaphors for our lives.
Mike Golch said…
thanks for the link to layla,its been a while since I heard it.
Tao1776 said…
Hard life? No, just ignorance.
Big Sis! You slay me! Still looking forward to Spam Sushi and movie night!
Mike...Dude! Did you mellow with the tune? Still a cool song after all these years.