Hurricane Irene

Not much to report from the hills of Central Massachusetts. Although we were officially located on the right side of the now downgraded to a tropical storm Irene, the wind was rather minimal with only a few gusts of 40 mph accompanied by a boatload of rain. If you look close, you can see a faint orange line in the top right of the picture. That is a hose which is attached to a sump pump located somewhere in the black hole just below it.
We're used to the hype that goes on before any storm; major or minor. Like the boy who called, "wolf" many of us ignore any warning while a majority seem to flood the grocery stores like a famine is approaching. In December of 2008 we had an ice storm of gargantuan proportions and the memory of it weighs on some as the Great Depression did on a much earlier generation. Some residents were home bound and/or without power for a month.
Mother Nature can be such a cruel bitch. But we know that it's all projection, don't we?
The pump is pumping about seven gallons a minute so the lake will be drained by morning. The chickens are safely locked within Fort Seuss. When the waters clear they can again roam the run and perhaps the yard will offer up some new morsels for their inquisitive beaks and ever hungry stomachs. Tomorrow the sun is scheduled to shine and I'll be back out enjoying pumping my pedals, my lungs and heart.
I've made some New England baked beans. First of the season. And they do look ready....


baroness radon said…
Is that your tree? Firewood!

Glad things were minimal...I was constantly thinking of the Labor Day Hurricane of 1938. We've been lucky, hurricane-season wise, for the past decade (since Iniki) but I did weather Frances, one of that series of storms about 5 years ago in Florida with my Dad. I had arrived in Orlando an hour before they closed the airport. It made for an interesting visit.
I saw on the news that stores all over Manhattan boarded their windows and had piles of sandbags. The storm rolled in and that area didn't even receive that much rain and hardly any wind...but I bet the retailers who sold all the plywood are happy!
Glad everything went well.