Well, anyhow.....

The hens, or as we affectionately like to call them, "the ladies" are months away from any egg laying. Nor has the brood developed their grown up voices. They exhibit a collection of squawks, squeaks and clucks. And although they do all share the same living space they do not all share the same personality. Each hen is different from the other and I am beginning to form my favorites. Gaia Girl has names for them all. I only know them as this one or that one. The runt, little Andy, the bigger one, the lighter one. Gee, I can barely tell Gaia Girl's two cats apart. Reminds me of the twin boys that used to live down the street. Together Rob and Curt was Rob and Curt. Apart, I never got it right. I felt like I was shouting, "tails" while it always come up "heads".
But she loves me anyway. And I am heads over heels for her too.
The garden is growing as well. That's what they do! It's whats growing in there that has me puzzled. I always grew red tomatoes, green peppers and green beans. Gaia Girl has us growing Green Zebra Stripe and Black Prince tomatoes. (huh?) We're growing Carmen and Chocolate peppers. Purple potatoes and Thai Eggplant. The list goes on.
Now, I am not complaining. Far from it. I've never been happier. You could not buy this level of entertainment.....and love....and happiness.
I Love You, Ann!
I will be taking the "Little Hottie" to the all air cooled show next week. My 1973 dual port - all stock Karmann Ghia has in recent years seen two first place finishes, one second and one third. I am hungry for another first. And I will be accompanied by my estranged brother of recent. It is good. Meanwhile, (don't you love those meanwhiles?) Gaia Girl will be attending the Daughters of the Earth on the same week end. My only request was that she not come back as a lesbian. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it would kind of screw with (no pun intended) my plans.
We recently put up a clothesline and Gaia couldn't be any more ecstatic. Her joy warms me like an autumn fire. The smell, the crackle, the warmth. Comforting. Not too hot. Full of possibilities.
The night has ushered in a light rain. It's warm. I think that I'll go put up feet and smoke my pipe on the porch.
We find diamonds in coal - 
we find the most precious thing in the darkness -
a very black, sooty place
-rubin naiman-


GaiaGirl said…
*ahem* ...... You did so forget to mention your pinch-cheeks-nickname of Mothra, now didn't you?

But yeah. You're the berries. Even if you can't tell TWO cats apart. That's okay. They only like, LIVE there. ;) ;) ;)