On a lighter note........

I have always enjoyed riding a bicycle. My friend and I were discussing recently that we never saw our parents ride a bicycle. It was a vehicle designed for children or men in parades or professional racers and entertainers. We were glad of heart on a recent run where we saw many people who were well past retirement age. I swear that I saw a few guys who were over the age of seventy five!
It would seem that injury and fear of pain kept me off my two wheeled enjoyment for more years than I should count. Last year I threw caution to the wind and began to push my limit to the limit. It was painful and lung breaking. There were times that I thought that I could not endure. But a pending divorce has it's gifts. A devil may care attitude spattered with specks of wisdom had me push on: never too much - never too lenient.
By summer's end I was at the top end of what I like to call my "fighting weight". Not the result of some unhealthy body image, the result of knowing what is healthy for me. I was riding the challenge hills. I began to have a fairly good range of motion. I glided into the winter season fully expecting to ride all winter indoors. It did not happen. I gained my winter weight. My muscles tightened like a wrung out dish rag.
I'm happy to say that today I made it up "my wimpy hill" for the second day in a row. I'm sure that you would have no problem with it but that is you. I cannot afford the distraction of looking either to the right or to the left  making  comparisons. This is my hill. My struggle. My challenge.
Go you! Go me!


baroness radon said…
Last time I was actively riding , up hills, I would just tell myself each day, one more guard rail...and eventually I could just zip up the hill.

A few years ago I was riding with my son (he saw his mother ride) and I bounced off a curb and onto the bar of the fram and sustained a horrible...no other way to put it...vulval hematoma. Well, I was a little drunk. (Would have been worse for a guy, I think.) I haven't been on a bike since.

Thank me for sharing...

What's with this?...every time I visit, you have a different look/identity.