Tree Hugger! (for Kelly) link at bottom for the 'how to"

The Qi (Chi) of trees is very comparable with that of human beings. Trees stand upright as we do. They drink water and require air and sunlight. They bloom in summer and retreat to quietness in winter. From the most ancient times trees have been symbols of spiritual growth. Their deep roots and high branches suggest an ability to connect earth and sky, the physical and the spiritual.
-Kenneth S. Cohen

During some of my peak periods of exploration into energy movement as taught by the various schools of Taoism, I stumbled as it were, upon tree meditation. As I have explained to you on numerous occasions, during these periods of meditation and Qigong exploration, you can find yourself acting in spontaneous ways; doing things that just seem to feel right. Singing just for the fun of it. Skipping in a childish fashion with a devil may care attitude.
I used to walk this certain pathway at night which often required that I walk using much more of my peripheral vision than actually looking where I was walking. My breath was in unison with the movement of my body as I walked. It often seemed as the "I" that I sensed as being "me" just went along for the ride. I would eventually crest the top of this high hill where there stood a tall American Elm tree. (read link on American Elms) It felt natural, like something that I had once known, forgot, and now remembered. I approached the tree in respect as in coming before an old and wise elder. With reverence I acknowledged this tree, my elder. and began to channel our "chi" back and forth between us. It was only sometime much later that I discovered that this was indeed a Qigong meditation practice.
Imagine that.


Kelly said…
Yay!! which is more delightful, i'm not sure! the fact that I've been "titled" in a post over here at your house, ORR the pure serendipity of a tree-chi meditation with my a)hiking every day this week and literal tree-hugging breaks each time b)return to simple pure truth-manifestation this week: all life is energy. energy is neither created nor destroyed, simply changes forms. thank you brother, namaste! Yay!
baroness radon said…
Trees are sacred.
Kathy said…
Thank you! (((Hugs)))