The Partisan Divide

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We're doing what we can
But when you want money
for people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait

I've read about what some might call a form of genetic memory; You know, you have attractions or dislikes that seem to be "just there" without any real provocation. Kids that know about cars or planes before they are three years old. That kind of stuff.
As a kid growing up, my last name felt foreign to me; and it still does. A nagging feeling that this isn't quite right. Red Heads "click" for me. Bag Pipes create a mystical longing for home. The sound of a well made flag flapping in the wind has me reposition my stance, as in standing proud or as in a defensive stand. This makes little sense when you review that my father was French-Canadian and my mother claimed very little of her Scots-Irish heritage. Never saw many red-heads either. And I did not serve in the military.
However, the lessons of my youth; having an ex-P.O.W. WWII vet for a father, growing up amidst the folly (yes, I said folly) of the Vietnam war helped to form a New England liberal with fiscal conservative and libertarian ties. In other words, a complicated package of thoughts, ideas and hope bundled together with a strong desire to question authority ever the while striving to see that the man's boot is never firmly placed upon my neck.
I gotta be free.
I have a deep seated distrust of politicians and of any political or religious system. You cannot fit patriotism or spiritual faith in confined box. When you do, you are free to do anything in the name of loyalty for your country. And although God has been equated with love, people have been known to do anything in the name of God that could only be defined as hate. Violent and lunatic driven hate.
So I am claiming, or blaming, genetic memory for returning to blog posts regarding politicians and the political systems that grind through America. I just can't help it.
Now I don't agree or disagree with Obama receiving the Nobel Peace prize. I'll leave that for the pundits. What made me laugh was the wringing hands claim by several that the award would only increase the "Partisan Divide".
Listen. It is all really quite simple. If the voice and actions behind the man or woman, the church or government, the individual or group, is based on hate, name calling, mouth frothing violence spewing, in your face-I gotta prove my point: turn away.
But on the other hand, those calm ones that say very little? Yeah. Its the quiet ones that you really need to look out for.


Sophia said…
Ugh - I just had bad memories of having to listen to Rush Limbaugh as a kid in the car as my father drove around.

I like your rebellious nature.
baroness radon said…
Hmmm..if Yassar Arafat can get a Nobel Peace Prize, why not Obama?