Wherever you go, there you are

Your warm, loving, romantic nature is being noticed whether you realize it or not, dear Leo. Perhaps you feel sometimes that there is not enough excitement in your life - especially your love life. Don't think that this means you need to change yourself in order to be more pleasing to others. The truth is that your stability and your quiet, loving nature are extremely nurturing and comforting to those who understand and appreciate such qualities. The last thing you want to do today is put up a facade of being someone you are not. - horoscope for today

I've been such a baby lately. Last night, I could have easily cried. I hate that about myself. I don't like it when relationships fall apart. I don't like to see anyone suffer. I don't like conflict.
But.....I won't let some one's boot be placed upon my neck. I won't tolerate outright bad behavior. I will, however painfully, be true to myself and do what I believe is right.
But, as in all things, there must be balance. To compensate for what I perceive as weakness in myself, I can get my hackles up; much like a cornered animal. Although my mouth says nothing, my mind is saying, "don't fuck with me." I suppose that this is why one might be surprised and suspect that "something must be really bothering me" when I become quiet and dig my heels in. I'm preparing for the kill.
And this makes me want to cry.
The balance is there when I am cultivating it. You've heard me speak of Tai Chi & Wu chi. Like when you're dancing. You move in unison with the music of your life, whatever your life may be playing at the moment.
I was recently reminded that the more you resist something, it will equally push back; or repeat itself. You know. Those oft repeated life lessons.... Life is a teacher.
I said enough.


That's a pretty decent horoscope. Even though I'm not a "Leo" I've copied and pasted it for myself. Thanks.
Al said…
It is good to know that there are others out there that are similar to myself. I often sit back and say nothing to an offending party only to let is fester because I DIDN'T say anything.

Plus, and I really HATE this about myself sometimes, I wear my heart and emotions on my sleeve. I cry at the new Pedigree commercials where they show dogs in the pound. I'm a softy (keep that on the DL will you?)
Tim said…
BMD - Leos are the greatest. Just ask one
Al, I won't tell a soul...but Jess already told me this about you. So, I guess that everybody already knows:>)