King of the Forest

Talking bout politics...Again!

First of all, I don't know how anyone with any level of intelligence can justify our involvement in Iraq. Just because McCain wants to "stay the course" and because he is a Vietnam POW doesn't make it the right path.

Do your homework. There have been many well educated and/or military personnel that have spoken up against our involvement from the start. But in true patriotic fashion, they have been black balled and silenced.

Regardless, in true Taoist fashion, I believe that change starts with you and me. It starts within the community. Think globally: Act locally.

We really need to begin at home. Democracy abroad is a failure when things are so bad at home.

We spoke about Social Security and a few other domestic issues. Remember?

Well, on a more local basis, I would enact a few other ideas.

Public Schools: You and I. WE pay for public education. For the public good. You see the state that it is in. I would propose (read force) the following;

Attending public school and carrying a C+ to B- average with good attendance would pay for a two year college degree of trade equivalent.

There would be mandatory school uniforms. Casual business attire to logo shirts; let's not complicate the issue here. If a family did not comply, all entitlements would be suspended upon review.

Guns....There is this Liberal view that if we tighten gun laws then we would all be safe. Then there is this Conservative view that we should all own tank artillery if we can afford it. C'mon people.

IF you are caught with a gun committing a crime, they should lop off the offending hand. After a thousand gang bangers are back on the street with their jack-off hand gone missing, gun crime will go down.

It has been proven that the certainty of punishment is a greater deterrent then the severity. If you KNOW that jacking-off will be made difficult and just not a maybe....

Man, I got a million ideas......

I am so sick of the lame ass crap that we tolerate day in and day out.

You would think that with all of the great Americans that are out there...we would have more to choose from than the few that we have.

The proverbial shit that rises to the top is not good enough for me!


Loralee Choate said…
We have a dress code at my son's charter school. They cannot be a uniform because you are not allowed to pay fees in elementary school. SO, if there was an instated uniform, the school would have to pick up the tab.

I LOVE OUR DRESS CODE. NO jeans, buttoned, collared shirts in certain colors, knee length skirts, no open toed shoes. Socks.

It rocks.
Mike Golch said…
you are right,if you dont agree with the current administration and you are military you are forced to be quite,or else.well there have been a lot of the or else going on lately.staying the course,that means keep killing young americans. Gun control for the poor only give the rich and the power elite semi automatic weapons for the can go "deer" hunting.
If I learned just one thing from earning my degree in history its that true Democracy rarely comes from others granting it to you. Rather it must come from within. That is how we began and how the French started their Democracy.

If you want a third Bush term then by all means vote for John "100 years in Iraq" McCain.