Everyone likes to hear a few words from the audience. Like any other side show, I have experienced the coming and going of many bloggers. I have seen many frequent commentators that are now a distant memory. There was a time when I had a great give and take with some bloggers from PA and GA and a few x-military types. Then the war was thrown in our laps.

Then there were the Taoists with a few Buddhists thrown in for good measure. When you talk of the stink of religion existing even within the halls of monasteries, you sound more like a curmudgeon than someone who warns you to not step in shit.

But these relationships come and go.

It's said that in order to have a blog that generates interest with a high hit count, it is important to stick to a topic that everyone can relate to. It is also recommended that you tag your posts so that search engines can pick you out of the crowd.

I don't.

I believe that in This Being Human..... I reflect the multi faceted and fractured construct that we call "being human" and in so doing, my topics range from sex to religion, drunkenness to enlightenment, joy to depression. I've spoken of rage and compassion and of opposites being a portion of the whole. There are two sides to every coin but there is only the one coin.

Search engine words that have led to This Being Human.....have been very interesting but yield very few similarities. Other than Taoist and Buddhist and meditation searches, the rest are as varied as my posts. The greatest percentage of visits are from the USA, with the rest coming from Belgium, The United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Poland, Norway, France, Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. Not sure what that all means. My bud from South Africa has disappeared as well as my visitors from Australia.

Being the sensitive bloke that I am,

I miss many of those that used to stop by.

There are places I remember

All my life though some have changed

Some forever not for better

Some have gone and some remain

All these places had their moments

With lovers and friends

I still can recall

Some are dead and some are living

In my life I've loved them all


Loralee Choate said…
I'm still around.

{illyria} said…
that was touching. i, too, treasure the people who've come and gone here in this medium.
I'm sorry that I haven't been around lately. I promise to swing by more often. :)

I enjoy how you talk about many different topics because as you say, that is how our minds work. I have time to run many blogs that focus on one issue but it would be easier if I did one I guess.

It's the A.D.D. in me that keeps me making more and more blogs but it's getting a bit out of hand. :)

I love that tune btw. Isn't that John Lennon?
Oh and I love the art. I did that cubist style. Is that Picasso?? I'm going to have to experiment with cubism in my art one of these days.

I'm doing one right now titled, "Paranoia."
I gave up the hope/desire for a high hit count on my blog long ago, if it ever even existed at all. I probably couldn't stand all the attention anyway. Even though my sporadic posting runs the gambit of my moods, interests, news stories I find interesting, etc. it all boils down to one thing: Me. My ego on display for the world to view, if it is so inclined. I find your blog so interesting because I never know what might appear whenever I click on it -- something we should all strive for -- spontaneous posting...
Tim said…
Rubik - I always feel so supported by you! I appreciate you and your blog immensely.
illyria - I am so glad that you have stuck around. You have outlasted them all! You're smart, talented, inspiration, as well as beautiful! To have you return time and time again I think, "How can a dude be any more blessed!
My Bro. James, The lyrics are from In My Life
Writers: Lennon, McCartney; vocals: John Lennon
And correct again, Picasso!!!
How did your wife make out with her class project?
BMD - Thanks, buddy. Hope endures. When spring finally blooms, let's share a doobie.
Mike Golch said…
Tim,I'm here and I aint going away.
I might not be around for a day or two,but I do have to balance my blogging life with the so-called real one.Given the health issues of my real life I'll take my blogging one.
This being said so many bloggers so little time.
Have a blessed day my friend.