Why I, for one, will not be watching the World Series...well, maybe.

It would seem that I'm in the minority when it comes to my view of capitalism. It seems that the further right one travels, you find the belief that we, as Americans, are destined to earn as much money as possible in order to provide for ourselves and our own interests in a game of one-upmanship; and to those that can't seem to climb the monetary ladder of success, well, that's the effect of social Darwinism, if you will. As I've always said, those that can do; and those with all of the eggs will do, leaving chicken fodder for those that can't. May the best man win! But remember the golden rule of Darwinism. Only the strong will survive. (Are There No Prisons? Are There No Workhouses?)

I have long been a Red Sox fan. Living in Massachusetts makes it a requirement for some. But for me, I have supported the under-dog Red Sox against the high paid, looking to buy the World Series, Yankees. The impossible dream of winning of the World Series has been our carrot on the end of the stick. Just always out of reach. I never thought that we would come to a point of. "If you can't beat them,join them."

The salary of the Red Sox DH David Ortiz, Manny and Lowell is equal to that of the entire Rockies team payroll. It just doesn't sit well with me.


Sports, much like everything else has been corrupted by astronomical, obscene salaries, greedy corporations, and athletes who are worshiped like gods--even at the college level. Personally, I haven't had an intrest in sports for years even when the teams in my area are doing well (which isn't too often; see Reds, Bengals).
Bert said…
be careful with the term social Darwinism, Tim. I thought it was used to describe an ideology in which "lesser" humans were to be separated from "more evolved" ones, aka black from white.
I don't think it's the case in what you are trying to describe, no? :)

Anyhow, I do share your point of view. Capitalism is very dangerous at these times, with all the crisises going on. Don't get me started on the future ...

PS: I've a bottle of the only and first Belgian Whisky ever!
PS2: Tried Jameson: worth the money (ie cheap!)
When it comes to styles of government and capitalism I prefer the the European model. It is usually a form of Democratic-Socialism which is a blend of the two seemingly antithetical systems.

The Euros have seen the good and bad of both Socialism and Capitalism and have taken the best of both and made a new system of government that seems to be the future.

I still like to watch sports but agree that there is way too much money involved. I yearn for the days of old when the Babe and others played simply for the love of the game.

It looks like the Sox are gonna sweep the Rox. That's o.k. for this Rockies fan because I'm a Bo Sox fan too and I'd rather loose to them then any one else. Especially to the Evil Empire. I knew that we'd be under-matched and I'm just proud of our guys that we made it to the fall classic at all.

Congrats Bo Sox fans. And I mean that seriously. :) I know it's not over until it's over but the hand-writing is on the wall. It's been a fun ride for us in Colorado no matter what the final result.
Tim said…
BMD..Its a constant conflict.
Bert - I'm thinking of Social Darwinism as in those that can most survive by living off the labor and sheep-like qualities of the have-nots. Jameson in the States is Gawd awful. Had some sold only at the distillery brought back by some buddy. That was good. Belgium wiskey?? Made by monks?
James; your comments are like hearing from a brother....
Bert said…
haha, I wish it was true :)

No, this is their website: http://puredistillerie.com/

I've tasted it: it definitely needs aging. Two, three years is not long enough for a whisky, but it has potential!
Bert said…
ps: to respond to James: I live in Belgium, a European country and I for one can tell that the social-democratic system doesn't work. We face huge shortages on our social security system within some years. Our taxes are amongst the highest in the world (almost 50% of our wage!). We have enormous problems with oil and gasprices. All because of this system. So realy, it's not all what's European that's good :)

Last elections, the social party lost over 7% on a total of 20%, which means they are now amongst the smaller parties in our non-existing government and don't have any voice when considering executive powers.

When I say our non-government, if you've followed the news, you'd probably know that we still don't have a new government after 130 days
Tim said…
Bert....as always, thanks for the added insight AND the wiskey tips.
Bert said…
You're welcome, Tim!

PS: keep it clean while I'm on holiday :)

I feel a brotherly bond with you too. I'm glad that I "met you" so to speak. As much as connecting online is "meeting." ;)


I wasn't aware of the situation in Belgium. Thanks for the insight.