Have you ever found yourself in so deep that the possibility of a way out seemed impossible?

That is how I feel as an American.

I believe that on many levels the effect of WWII was a heightened awareness of the intrigue that goes on behind the closed doors of those in political, military and governmental powers.

And we thought that we were the only ones! Christ! Will the scheming of man ever end? The U.S. has had a manipulating finger in almost every part of the world. This behavior is not just an American trait. Its been going on forever.

But this does not make it right nor justify our actions.

There have been those that have called the alarm; and have met with limited success. But how soon we forget.

Frequent readers know that I have often quoted Major General Smedley Butler http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smedley_Butler and his book, "War is a Racket.

How about Daniel Elsberg and the Pentagon Papers. The Senate approval of the Iraq War resolution mirrors the Tonkin Gulf resolution of 1964 http://www.harpers.org/archive/2006/10/0081208

655,000 Iraqi deaths, as a result of the US led invasion and occupation of Iraq vs the estimated number of Iraqi deaths attributed to Saddam Hussein during his 24 year reign ( between 50,000 and 100,000,depending on your sources) Clearly history has revealed that there is more going on behind the curtain. It is the lessons of history that help me believe documentaries as this one.


But...based on my observations, which also attest to the success of the US strategy to help keep the average American uninvolved in what happens in Iraq, no one will watch this video or read this post in full.

Yeah. We're in deep. Up to our necks.


{illyria} said…
i'm not american, but i read a lot of this everywhere, and hear the sentiments of american friends. america as a superpower affects the world around it. we feel what's going on in america in asia too.
Tim said…
Wait a minute illyria....You in Asia, now??? What happened to Norway? Write me. I have somehow lost track of you...and that is just not right! Great hearing from you.
Bert said…
Hi Tim,

I read the same stuff on Donna's blog (woodka.com). It's terrifying ...

Maybe I can steal the materials of Tom Cruises bomb shelter? How does that sound? :)

Have a great weekend!
Mystic Wing said…
I must admit that these days I disavow my American status and try to function as an observer of the debacle. The whole thing has become so disingenuous that it staggers the imagination.

I'm no longer proud of my country's actions and philosophies, and hence find it better to think of myself as an accidental American.
The Phoenix said…
50,000 - 100,000 deaths under Saddam's entire reign???

Wow. Way off...way off indeed.

Heck, there were 50,000 Kurds killed in ONE campaign in 1991 alone.

If you're not happy about America, change it. If you're ashamed of being American, then go elsewhere. Quit your crying and get off your ass and do something.
Tim said…
Ah, my man Phoenix! The ol' Love it or leave it point of view....I'm not happy about things that go on in America...and I do cry - alot! I don't think that we should be in Iraq. I think we were duped. I think that many within the Bush administration should be tried as war criminal.
I can say that because I am an American. I love that!