Take me out to the (ball) game

Well, its that time of year again and I'm a little excited.
I'm finding myself excited over the prospects of the Red Sox playoffs and the Patriots kicking ass week to week regardless of the stupid "cheating" charges.
The year after the Sox won the World Series, I threw my glove into the rubbish upon learning of Johnny Damon's signing with the Yankees.
The Yankees!
The team that has bought the playoffs; the trips to the World Series...and every player that would sign for "Mo money." I hate the Yankees. They epitomize everything that is wrong with baseball and everything that stands for "anyone can be bought for a price!" Yay, capitalism - at its finest. May be okay for you - but not for me.
But I got over it. I guess. After refusing to watch a single game last year. I got over it.
And to make things a little better, the Indians are in it. I loved the Indians throughout the 90's. They built the "Jake." They built a team with no name rookies and old veterans. It was about the game and team. I loved watching Orel Hershiser. Washed up? Nah. Loften, the Alomars; and my fave, Omar Vizquel. Big Thome.
But baseball is a business. Sucks, eh? The ever fabulous farm teams were depleted in favor of trades and deals to keep their playoff hopes more secure. They still managed to maintain a payroll that was less than one quarter than that of the Yankees. The Fucking Yankees!!!!
Whoops. Did I say that out loud?
So last night was cool. In the first game of the Indians vs the Yankees, the Tribe whooped them 12 to 3. And Kenny Lofton is back!
And then the Pats!
Sorry Jess - you poor San Diego fan. Come East, girl!
And poor crying loser, Eric Mangini. Wah! We lost because the Patriots stole our signals. Wah! They beat us 38 - 14. I am too great a coach for that to happen to my Jets!
And then the Pats went and beat and beat the Chargers at 38 - 14 as well!
Coincidence, I ask you?
And the Bills, 38 - 7.
And the Bengals 34 - 13.
Next!!! The Cowboys on 10/14. Should be good.
The Colts on 11/3. Nail-biter.
The rest looks like a cake walk.

Did I say that i was a little excited?


Mystic Wing said…
Autumn is a grand time of year, ain't it?

When the Yankees get eliminated, my heart always soars.
jess said…
i've got brady on my fantasy team. he's better than peyton this year. i'd worry more about the cowboys than the colts...i think the pats can roll the colts up and smoke them after dinner.

let's not talk about the chargers this year, ok?

Bert said…

How's the search for whiskeys? :)

I've discovered a new one: Kilbeggan. Not as good as Greenore or Redbreast, but certainly worth the price (€ 17 for a bottle, compared to € 28 for Greenore and € 37 for Redbreast).

I've also drunk a Middleton very rare. Only one barrel a year is produced. It's truly a masterpiece! (but comes at a price: € 150 per bottle)

Anyway, how's life? As busy as mine I presume? I've started writing a book, my book. Something I wanted to do for a long time. I'll send you the first page soon, as it's being translated by my girlfriend, Elke. I'll keep you posted!

Tim said…
Yes. Autumn is so grand on countless levels. The Yankees out? Just the cherry on top!

Jess - I knew that I'd convert you. This is just the start. (wink, wink) LOL

Bert! My man! My book is on hold - as well as the quest for the finer wiskeys in life. Big ass hole in the purse - Ya know what I mean?
Bert said…
yeah, I've heard of that problem before, personally ... :)

But, as with all good things that come to an end, they also have a beginning, no?

Enjoy the weekend!
I'm a big Red Sox fan but since my Rockies are in the post-season I have to pull for them. I am pulling for the Sox in the Indian series but if they should meet up with Colorado then I will be forced to cheer against the Sox. I will be torn. :/
Oh yeah and I can't stand the Yankees either. I guess that is self-evident being a Red Sox fan but I thought I'd emphasize that anyway. :)