The smell of a cow barn is a pleasant experience for some. As you can see, although Brielle is having a great time, I think that one person's pleasure may be an other's pain.That's how it is in life.


Point of view varies depending on a multiplicity of factors.Our response to the world and to that which we experience relies on our personnel perspective to explain and make meaning or some sense our lives. That is the beauty of awareness; you experience - without trying to attach any perspective upon it.

Granted, I am not pleased with the fact that I'm not earning big $$ and that I am no longer the man in charge. But what kind of charge are we really in if it can all change in an instant? I have exhausted myself with job search engines and the amount of change that I have experienced. Since I have tried to rest in what is; mind you, not a sense of laying down and dying, but an active response to flowing with what is...and I've never been happier.

I have less money.

Less time.

Three out of four of my adult children have moved home.

One of them has a daughter (Brielle) who will be three next week.

Bills and food are on a week to week what will be will be.

And I've never been happier.


Loralee Choate said…
I love this post, Tim. I think that your family are very lucky to have one another. Very.
Michelle said…
i love the power that the mind has to influence he way we feel. i am glad you feel happy!
Tim said…
Loralee - My most ardent supporter!
Michelle - hope that all is well with you too. You've been a stranger lately. Don't make me come over there!