Vehicles, cont'd......

Even before the introduction of the wheel there were all manner of boats, rafts and animals moving humans to and fro. Vehicles, ever evolving from cart to wagon, from horseless carriage to Porshe, the flight of Orville, (only a little more than one hundred years ago) to the age of space flight and our landing on the moon; All, it can be stated, have no importance one over the other. They are our construct to improve that of our first simple vehicle - Our feet! - transportation of the simplest kind.

Likewise, contained within the minds of This Being Human.... there have been almost countless vehicles of religion and philosophy. Limiting our scope of knowledge to the vehicle of Christianity, Islam, Buddhist and Hindu, and the handful of other vehicles of which we have heard from the nightly news or from television, is to grossly underestimate This Being Human.....

From the earliest days the Indian Vedas, the Greek sage Zoroaster, the teachings of Buddhism and Taoism, the introduction Hebrew mono-theism, Plato to Aristotle and Socrates; We can add the philosophy of Duns Scotus, of Nietzsche, and yes, that of L. Ron Hubbard. The list of vehicles available for transport is endless. All, it can be stated, have no importance over the other. They are our construct to improve that of another of our first simple vehicles, our breath!

When you sweep away all belief, dogma and construct, and when you focus on the vehicle of breath, you find something that has been hidden in a haze. Or as in the words of the dazed fish who asked, "Where's the water?"as he swam in diligent search for it.

In the breath we discover Chi (literally "breath," "vapor," or "air") In Hebrew, the word "Ruach" means breath of life and in Sanskrit it is called Prana. I find that the farther we get from the simplicity and the power of the breath, the farther we will find ourselves from God, the Tao or the divine spark within.

With the combination of walking and breathing, life is never more clear and more simple. Oh, how we have complicated our lives by our efforts to improve it. Sometimes it would appear that there are never really improvements, just changes;

So what does any of this have to do with Freemasonry?


Kathy said…
yes. when we strive to improve
we spoil what is pure and simple.

Thanks :)
Okay then,"consider the lilies of the field?"

Loralee Choate said…
The bit about complicating your life and how it never solves anything, it just introduces more changes was very true and wise.
capegirl said…
wow Tim, all so true. I am a poor breather. I hold all my emotions in my chest and belly and this constricts my breath and my energy. i had to learn to become more conscious of my breathing. yoga helps a lot, because you just can't do it properly without concentrating on the centre and breath. Look forward to part 3. feels like a soapie with all these cliffhangers! good job!