On Death & Dying....and This Being Human

There are five stages, according to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Koss, that a terminally ill person goes through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately, acceptance.
This has always stuck with as it seemed to be a healthy and deep construct much like the Buddha's four noble truths and the eightfold path.
It has been said, again much like the eightfold path, that the steps are not always in order. However, the steps are there to be crossed anyway.
I have found, much to my chagrin, that suffering also follows the same pathway.
As a Leo, a proud man, one that has been labeled by some as arrogant and by others as humble; a mixture of man and spirit (Prana - Breathe) I don't lie down easily.
Acceptance. A deep and abiding rest in what truly is. The word and the definition does not do the experience justice. To be free from suffering; enlightenment. It does not mean absence of pain, or debt or loss. It means a transcendence beyond pain, debt or loss.
I am so often amazed, angered and ashamed at my response to difficult times.
I am happy to report that the Turkey Raffle went well and that my Beef Stew was labeled, "The best that the club has ever had." I am also very happy to report that I did not win the giant Lobster. Pete did. He has always dreamed of winning it. He dreams for it as much as a kid dreams for his favorite toy at Christmas. They had asked his wife to draw a name for the door prize (an 8Lb Lobster) and she came out with his name. It was a classic moment. Pete and his wife beamed with joy. I felt such joy at their happiness.
I left a picture on blogger for James & Mark to see. I also deleted it. I instead left a picture with me and "The Little Hottie" my 1973 Karmann Ghia. (the year I graduated high school) Too old for the likes of another little hottie, Capegirl!!! LOL


Great pic Tim! If I may be so bold as to recommend a film that might prove helpful? It is called "After Life" Japanese film with subtitles (1998) check it out on Google.

Loralee Choate said…
I call dibs on the leftovers, Tim!
capegirl said…
i absolutely agree that changes can be like little deaths. the biggest changes can even feel like full scale mourning. I believe that my personal journey is one of acceptance. It's a rough one for me also!

you are too sweet tim! Thanks for saying cute things about me.