Words, thoughts, language......an attempt to convey; a communication. Not always that easy. Mention the color red to the twenty two major nations in the world and have them pick the color on a color chart. In something that simple you will see the difference in words, thought, language.
Imagine the complication of pointing towards that which is beyond words and you get the essence of what it means to convey the teachings of the Tao, or of Zen. You see the same in traditional Christianity. When I was fastidiously studying the Bible, I began to grasp the esoteric meaning. I really believe that, "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.The name that can be named is not the eternal Name" is true of the teachings of most spiritual thought. The construct that we know as "Christianity" is the same thing that you would have if you developed Taoism or Buddhism into a "Major Religion."
Whoops, been there, done that!!!! It's a very difficult place to find and often, in the very seeking, one looses it.
The First Noble Truth. It has become so cliche'. The depth of meaning here is lost because the focus is on the words themselves.
"This being Human," sums up the words of the First Noble Truth for me. For that which is being pointed out is beyond the words themselves.
Can you discover that which is being pointed out?